Kindergarteners Building Community One Can At A Time

Deanna Pecaski McLennan
  1. Ask children for their ideas about how to help. What do they think needs to be done?
  2. Once a solution is generated, encourage children to think about how they can invite others in the school and greater community to help.
  3. Consider how and where the collected items will be stored. Will each class store their own donations or will all donations in the school be kept in a common area? How will the items be counted? Transported?
  4. Share what is happening with the greater community in order to inspire others to help and keep the positive cycle of change moving forward. Contribute to the school newsletter, contact local media, update on the class blog, etc.
  5. Once the drive is complete, consolidate learning by encouraging children to reflect upon the event and celebrate their achievement!

Deanna Pecaski McLennan is a member of the Greater Essex County Teacher Local. 


very young children playing in playground with adults

Imagine thousands of children and adults making cityscapes with blocks, or creating art and sculptures with paint, cardboard boxes, and pla

students standing at round table creating art from construction paper

One cold winter morning I was teaching my grade 8 class when halfway through the first period Joe came in, late as usual.