Making Connections: A Women's Literacy Program in Durham

Dawn Lasci

that we must remain vigilant in fighting for their most basic rights. And so we carry on, enjoying our students and celebrating their successes.

As teachers, we have the desire, the knowledge, the resources, and the experience to help in this way. We also have the responsibility. Education is the doorway to equality. It must be accessible to all!

If there is a need in your community, encourage your local to get involved. The Durham Local partnered with community organizations, calling on teacher volunteers, accessing resources, and obtaining permits where required. As a result of local and provincial support there was no cost to the community partners. We made use of funding offered through ETFO and made contacts in the business community to procure iPads. Our literacy program takes significant time and effort, and it is worth it.


teacher and students working outside

“Our society should look past each other’s skin colours, languages, cultures and backgrounds. Kids can achieve a lot and we can spread this message. If we start now, then we will have a different future than the world we have now.”

child using a tablet

It’s a new age for children with Autism. Everything is changing, for the better.