Mental Health and Well-Being in Our Classroom: The Building of a Resource by Teachers for Teachers

Twyla Jackson

are two other resources that can support educators in their journey to understanding and supporting mental health and well-being in their classrooms.

Final Thoughts

I have given myself permission to push well-being to the top of my to-do list. I am working towards building a positive classroom environment that is safe and inclusive, working daily to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. As I build those all-important relationships with my students, I am better able to model appropriate social skills and the “selfies” (awareness, control, and esteem). I feel empowered and know that I am getting closer to having the type of impact I want to have on my students.

Twyla Jackson is a member of the Hastings Prince Edward Teacher Local.


very young students showing recycling projects with green and white balloons in the foreground

Teachers  and  schools  have  a  key role to play in our planet’s future.

teacher and student working in garden

Go for Green is a bi-annual event at Millgrove School that proves a small school can accomplish big things.