Mental Health and Well-Being in Our Classroom: The Building of a Resource by Teachers for Teachers

Twyla Jackson

to model appropriate social skills and the “selfies” (awareness, control, and esteem). I feel empowered and know that I am getting closer to having the type of impact I want to have on my students.

Twyla Jackson is a member of the Hastings Prince Edward Teacher Local.


child in classroom looking at workbook

“Though the developed countries of the world presently have the resources to feed and educate everyone on earth, more than half the world’s children live in abject poverty ... JUMP was founded in reaction to the institutionalized apathy and ignorance that underlie these problems.”

Students sitting at large desks in classroom

The point of talking about privilege is not to make people feel bad, or guilty; it is that recognizing privilege is the only hope we have of breaking down the system to make it fairer for everyone.