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Rachelle Bergen asks us to consider how much we can know about women in Canadian history when the traditional focus has been the accomplishments of white men.

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For over 20 years, David S. Craig and Robert Morgan have been creating plays for young audiences, wowing students, parents and critics alike with their engaging work.

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A teaching resource for helping elementary students connect with the environment.

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Motiver des élèves de français cadre, niveau intermédiaire, n’est pas chose facile. Or la technologie s’avère un des meilleurs outils pour y parvenir. Après les succès obtenus dans mes classes, je me suis aperçue qu’il existait en fait un grand nombre de possibilités quant aux façons d’intégrer la technologie.

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Although the climate of teaching has changed, much remains the same. Recently, I taught in a classroom where the teacher was retiring within days. The plans and information she left answered all my questions. My "Wish List" is the result of teaching in hundreds of classrooms over the past ten years.

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A practical guide to exploring issues of media violence in the intermediate classroom.

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There are many schools where the playground equipment is aged and unsafe. This provides an opportunity to implement a restoration program and build a learning ground.

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In February, many schools plan event filled Black History Month activities focused on showcasing the cultural and historical contributions of people of African descent within Canada and the world. During my first four years of teaching, I organized similar activities, but I often felt something was missing.

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In our increasingly technological world, it is essential that students develop their skills in mathematics. My action research project began with a review of the Summary of Attitudes of Grade 3 Students in our school from the 1998 Grade 3 EQAO Provincial Assessment.

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I cant imagine better preparation for becoming a politician that being trained as a kindergarten teacher, ” says Fiona Nelson, former kindergarten teacher, school trustee, passionate advocate for children and avid reader.