Anticipating Full-Day Kindergarten

Johanna Brand

teachers work with students.

When she was teaching a full-day everyday kindergarten, Cindy Lum also had an assistant who was taking ECE training. “We worked together as a team; it worked very well,” Lum recalls. Suzanne Mercier took ECE training before going to university to get her teaching credentials, and later a master’s degree. The knowledge that ECE staff bring will be beneficial for children, she says. But there is no doubt in her mind that an ECE working alone would not be able to fill a teacher’s role.

Many issues will need to be resolved as the new program unfolds. The teachers interviewed for this article all have a number of additional qualification courses in their repertoire. ETFO has taken the lead in providing members who want to work with young children opportunities to enhance their professional knowledge. The website “A Thousand Moments of Learning”  (http://1000moments.netwas created specifically for kindergarten teachers. ETFO is also offering the Kindergarten AQ course. For more information visit  etfo-aq.ca or go to  etfo.ca >Professional Development >AQ Courses.


Teacher interacting with kindergarten students who have books

A mid-career teacher updates her knowledge.

fisheye photo of etfo members sitting around round tables at annual meeting

ETFO launches its bargaining campaign ETFO’s November 2011 collective bargaining conference brought together 300 local presidents, negotiators, and members of collective bargaining committees.