Our School Drum: Building Community and Relationships

Jenny Pert, Melissa Ewanchuck, Michael Boos

From the principal’s window the other day, we could see three boys in the kindergarten playground area who had taken a box and tipped it upside down on the ground. They each had a stick in one hand and were drumming on the box. Their faces bore an expression of real pride as they managed to keep the beat together. The heartbeat of the Mother Earth and the pride among our students are alive and well at Sioux Mountain Public School.

Gichi Miigwech to the Sioux Mountain Public School Community and to the ETFO Poverty and Education Project.


ETFO president Sam Hammond

While this past year was extremely challenging, it has also been incredibly inspiring and galvanizing.

ETFO Members at rally in the winter

Four hundred women took part in this year’s …and still we rise Conference, which saw inspirational keynotes, leadership presentations, and workshops on the  theme Dare to Dream.