Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for Gender-Independent Children: an Interview with Dr. Carys Massarella

Dr. Carys Massarella

 For teachers, I would first say that they should reassure parents that their child is normal and that they have done nothing wrong. This is not an illness or disease that needs to be cured. Let their child have the freedom to express themselves in a safe space and they will come to an understanding of their own identity, as all children ultimately do. Likely their child will not be transgender, but in the end it doesn’t matter because if we offer them support and understand­ing we will end up with a healthy, happy child regardless of the outcome – which in my opinion, is the most important thing.


teacher smiling at camera standing outside

When both of her parents died within months of each other, Barnett decided to dig deeper for her passion.

Students standing in classroom holding a rainbow flag

In June of 2013, students at City View Alternative School in Toronto’s west end cut the ceremonial ribbon across the door of a multi-stall, all-gender washroom.