Leh We Go Befoh – Let us Move Forward

Angie Ortlieb
  • the workshops?
  • What is my role in the co-tutor relationship and what are my responsibilities?
  • How do I help build respectful relationships with all those involved in PO?

Our responses and the conversations that unfold could lead not only to improved understanding of international relationships and histories, but also to our challenging them.

Debriefing: An experience abroad does not necessarily mean that people have learned or progressed in their thinking. Instead, it can actually reinforce stereotypes about the host country, our role as volunteers, and/or poverty. This is why a debriefing component is critical upon our return home from PO. Not only is it important for volunteers to share stories,  we also need a formal opportunity to think critically and confront our personal beliefs and actions. Asking deep ques­tions and taking time to engage in critical dialogue helps us process our stories and opens our minds to other interpreta­tions. At a recent ETFO debriefing session, we discussed the power of our messages upon our return home. We need to ensure that we are passing on a clear message to our students, colleagues, family, and friends that this is our interpretation of the experience, not the experience.


three students walking through hallway smiling at camera

There’s no such thing as a teacher who doesn’t have a diverse classroom in one form or another.

women's hockey team gathered around coach

Most minor league hockey coaches will agree that  knowing the  results  of  last  night’s game  will   not    indicate  how  well  your chi