Electronic Technology in Schools: Responsible and Ethical Use and Access

school board technology is the only access they have. It is incumbent on educators to ensure that the access that we give students within our classrooms is always equitable.

If you are alert to gaps in student access to technology in your school environment and have concerns about school use of technology further emphasizing these gaps, this is an issue to address in your program or in discussions with staff and administrators. We also encourage you to raise such issues with your local if they are not being adequately addressed in your school.

This article was written by staff in Professional Relations Services.  


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Tous les enseignants et enseignantes de français langue seconde en Ontario sont au prise avec le bulletin scolaire de rélève.

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In our increasingly technological world, it is essential that students develop their skills in mathematics. My action research project began with a review of the Summary of Attitudes of Grade 3 Students in our school from the 1998 Grade 3 EQAO Provincial Assessment.