Churchill School of Rock

Ray Kalynuk

After 10 years the program has grown to such an extent that it is easy to take for granted the connection between music and the school. Lifelong memories have been created over the past decade for hundreds of students who have been part of the Churchill School of Rock. Churchill School of Rock has performed dozens of shows, in front of over 8000 people, been featured on the front of newspapers and on CBC radio, had two different performances broadcast on Rogers TV in Ottawa, and played the main stage at Westfest in front of 1000 fans.

The memories that students take away from their time at Churchill are forever imprinted with the experiences of the School of Rock. The staff and community that come together to make the magic happen will be keeping up this tradition with their “greatest hits” concert in May. We are exploring ideas of how to make it special and mark the tenth anniversary milestone. Right now students are voting on favourite songs from each of the years, even though most of our choir members were not even alive when we played our first concert. There are some exciting options, like bringing back some former students to create a graduate band. Time will tell how it all plays out this year, but what we do know is that Churchill rocks!

Ray Kalynuk is a member of the Ottawa-Carleton Teacher Local.


music teacher singing and playing keyboard surrounded by students who are also singing

Guys Sing and Cooking For Life (p.

Grade six heritage project with old photographs

As an anthropology graduate I have always enjoyed learning not only about other cultures but about my own as well.