Does Gender Matter?

Jerry DeQuetteville

Recently the ETFO Executive called for an executive/staff task force to review the data collected by the facilitators and to report back to the November executive meeting.

Teachers understand that we are important influences in children’s lives and that we try to expose our students to positive role models. Unfortunately our impact can’t always be measured. Often it isn’t planned. Yet all teachers have had the experience of a former student sharing with them the effect that they had. It is powerful, it is real, and it is one of the reasons why ETFO believes in a diverse teaching population.


etfo members standing on stage with Sam Hammond

ETFO’s 11th annual …and still we rise conference once again demonstrated the federation’s leadership in educating members about issues facing women and children worldwide.

two story house with white siding

In Hastings-Prince Edward, the Eleemntary Teachers' Federation Teacher Local (ETFO H-PE) has become mroe than an organization for its members - it is an integral part of the community.