• Autumn Peltier holding bowl near waterfall
    Interview: Autumn Peltier

    Our feature interview with Autumn Peltier calls on all Ontarians, including children, to become advocates for the environment and protectors of water.

  • Illustration of woman flexing muscle. Illustration by Michael de Adder
    Impacting 2018 Provincial Election

    Vivian McCaffrey explains how members can get involved in the upcoming provincial election.

  • Teacher and students standing in class with political sign. Photo by Cheol Joon Baek
    Labour Law Reform to the Classroom

    Hayley Mezei writes about Bill 148 and organizing in her community to support residents who are fighting for decent and affordable housing.

water in sink running down drain

Sarah Lowes shares a wealth of resources and ideas for teaching about the protection of water and the environment.

Student working in garden. Photo courtesy of Generation Nutrition

Carmen Oliveira reflects on teaching her students about food security, sustainability and health through her school garden.

By Sam Hammond

We need to elect a government that will be committed to decent work, a well-funded public education system, better public services and a strong social safety net for all Ontarians.

By Sharon O’Halloran

Our commitment to equity and the environment means that we must elect a government in Ontario that takes justice and fairness seriously.

By Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice focuses on how we can make a positive impact on our communities, our society and our environment.


People on skating rink
By Nancy Baldree

Heading home for the holidays season, take time to reflect on what really matters to you. 

Students sitting at large desks in classroom
By Mandi Hardy

The point of talking about privilege is not to make people feel bad, or guilty; it is that recognizing privilege is the only hope we have of breaking down the system to make it fairer for everyone.

Aboriginal community members marching down street
By Rachel Mishenene

On June 1, 2008, just days before the Prime Minister’s public apology to residential school survivors and their families and communities, the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established.