• BLM Toronto organizer LeRoi Newbold standing infant of graffiti wall
    Black Lives Matter

    Izida Zorde in Conversation with LeRoi Newbold.

  • illustration of children playing with shredded documents
    Ontario's Austerity Agenda

    Vivian McCaffrey looks at the results of austerity measures introduced in Ontario half a decade ago.

  • infographic of unemployment and poverty statistics
    Black-Focused Content Matters

    Natasha Henry reviews the recently released Sankofa Collection, a trailblazing anthology of Black history with a focus on the Canadian context.

  • students in gymnasium mimicking teacher who has her hands in the air
    The Hero in Us All

    Creating a school wide program that integrates equity, character values and social justice.

young teens, adults and a police officer sitting at boardroom table having discussion

For a period of time Bancroft was a manufacturing hub, with an industry that contributed more than one million dollars a month in wages. This came to an end when a stagnating economy led to facilities closing up sites, which now sit abandoned.

teacher with young children in classroom

Amanda Anderson describes the realities of occasional teaching, including not being able to plan, never being away from her phone and confronting the catch 22 of whether or not to look for a second job.

By Nancy Baldree

As we approach the winter break, my min

By Sam Hammond

The election of Donald Trump in the US has had powerful reverberations internationally. This new political reality underlines the importance of ETFO continuing to work with and support our social justice partners. We must work together to fight against systems that undermine and oppress us.

By Sharon O'Halloran

As you know, in our last central collective agreement, we negotiated a definition of professional judgement, making it enforceable through the grievance process. This was a first for our union.


Students sitting at large desks in classroom
By Mandi Hardy

The point of talking about privilege is not to make people feel bad, or guilty; it is that recognizing privilege is the only hope we have of breaking down the system to make it fairer for everyone.

Aboriginal community members marching down street
By Rachel Mishenene

On June 1, 2008, just days before the Prime Minister’s public apology to residential school survivors and their families and communities, the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established.

Natasha Henry standing in front of lockers
By Lauren Beckford in Conversation with Natasha Henry

I recently participated in a curriculum workshop for teachers hosted by Natasha Henry.