etfo member signs laying in pile at rally
Lisa Mastrobuono

ETFO's member communications campaign for the 2012

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Wendy Matthews, Marilies Rettig

In 2010,  the ETFO Executive approved  a partnership between the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation (MJP) and ETFO, to provide support for  women

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Equity and Women's Services Staff

ETFO is committed  to working toward a more just and equitable society, and has a particular commitment to supporting  women’s participatio

Gene Lewis

Teachers often talk about coming to our profession as one  comes to a calling.

Sam Hammond

As the vice presidents and I have travelled around the province over the last two months meeting with members to discuss the parameters tab

Paul Taillefer

In  January, First  Nations leaders met  with Prime  Minister  Harper  and  senior  cabinet ministers as part of the Crown-First  Nations G

Rian McLaughlin

Over the  last  two years, OTF has been enthusiastically working with the Aboriginal  Education Office  (AEO)  of the   Ministry of  Educat

Joanne Meyers and Jason Johnston

Classroom assessment is a complex and challenging task for all teachers.

Joanne Languay

ETFO’s newest  resource book,  The Heart an Art  of  T