etfo president sam hammond
Sam Hammond

Educators come to their profession as a calling. We do so because we believe we have something important to contribute to the children who will shape our society and build our future.

Paul Taillefer

The second International Summit on the Teaching Profession held in March in New York included national teacher unions and education officia

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Rian McLaughlin

Earlier this year, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) and our government partner developed the first of two surveys — one to be carr

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Valence Young

Occasional teachers, like everyone else who works in the school, need to know how to protect themselves and their students during an emerge

three books
Carmen Oliveira

One of  the most rewarding  aspects of teaching  is the creativity and inspira­tion we can weave into the curriculum to  bring  deep  and m

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Holly Ogden

As an elementary teacher, I have witnessed first­ hand the value of  an arts-rich education. Experiences in the arts offer many benefits to

etfo member signs laying in pile at rally
Lisa Mastrobuono

ETFO's member communications campaign for the 2012

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Wendy Matthews, Marilies Rettig

In 2010,  the ETFO Executive approved  a partnership between the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation (MJP) and ETFO, to provide support for  women

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Equity and Women's Services Staff

ETFO is committed  to working toward a more just and equitable society, and has a particular commitment to supporting  women’s participation and leadership in the union.