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Pictello App gets a 2/5

Jeffrey MacCormack

iPad with image of little girlIn essence, Pictillo is a story writing app for Apple components such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Think of it as a muscular powerpoint presentation. You can add images, lines of text, and audio files and then watch/read the story. What makes it a step above other slide show type apps (Keynote for instance) is that it comes with an automated reading voice.

It wouldn't take a master teacher to figure out classroom applications. Sequencing events, clarifying main ideas, creating social stories, creative writing, vocabulary training, and transition scripts are the ones that pop into my mind in the first 30 seconds of thinking about it. As a teacher of children with exceptionalities, I've used Pictello to help my students write and present their Animal Habitat projects. They were able to add pictures (from the internet or taken with the camera) and write their own sentences. On presentation day, the automated voice was there as a fall-back in case they couldn't read in front of the group.

Ease of use: 3- Value/cost: 1+ Application: 4- Final grade: level 2-
That said, for what it offers, Pictello is enormously overpriced at $18.99. Even with its added features (Pictello Sharing Server, iTunes file sharing, full RCA out) this app is at least $10 overpriced.