• ETFO President Karen Brown posing in ETFO office
    A Vision for Public Education

    Voice in conversation with ETFO’s newly-elected President Karen Brown.

  • Laura and Jonathan Temporal standing together outside
    Recovering and Rebuilding

    Jonathan and Laura Temporal write that the pandemic has highlighted just how important public services such as education, healthcare, transportation and community support programs are.

  • Sign that reads "Vote Here"
    Organizing for Election 2022

    The only way for us to ensure a just and equitable recovery and the safety and wellbeing of our communities is to organize, mobilize and vote for the government we need.

  • Person holding Emma's official recorded cause of death
    Impacts of Residential Schools

    Beverly Fiddler considers the story of her grandmother’s sister and reflects on the lasting impacts of residential schools on families and communities across Canada.

  • Iyanuoluwa Akinrinola posing outside
    A Critical Literacy Lens

    Iyanuoluwa Akinrinola writes about asking her students to consider the missing voices in accounts of pivotal moments of Canadian history.

Woman looking out window waring a medical face mask

Elizabeth Mitchell writes about the importance of prioritizing the mental and physical health of ETFO members and acknowledges the deep impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have on educators.

Young boy using a laptop

Julie Millan and Leah Kearney correct the government’s misinformation, mixed messaging and “alternative facts” about permanent virtual learning.

By Sharon O’Halloran

Welcome back to the start of another school year! I hope you had a well-deserved rest, and were able to refresh and recharge over the summer.

By Izida Zorde

With the fall issue of Voice, we consider what a just and equitable recovery from COVID-19 looks like, we prioritize the concerns and needs of ETFO educators, and we reflect on the ways educators do their very best for their students each and every day. We also continue with our planning and mobilization efforts to ensure that the Ford Conservative government does not get another term in office on June 2, 2022.


Cindy Gangaram holding "Stop the Conservatives" sign outside
By Cindy Gangaram

Cindy Gangaram reflects on all the reasons to get involved in the June 2022 provincial election.

Woman sitting on steps holding medical mask
By Katherine Scott

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Senior Economist Katherine Scott illustrates how women have been impacted.

Sarah Lowes standing outside in front of mural
By Sarah Lowes

Sarah Lowes on learning the lessons of the current crisis to inform the next.