Sam Hammond posing outside of school in red ETFO t-shirt

President Sam Hammond will be remembered for his strength, kindness and deep respect for members.

Sam Hammond posing in office
Sam Hammond

I want to start my last column for Voice by saying a big thank you to ETFO members, ETFO leaders and ETFO staff.

Sharon O’Halloran posing in office
Sharon O’Halloran

The women’s issue of Voice is one that is close to my heart.

Izida Zorde posing in office
Izida Zorde

With this summer women’s issue of Voice, we begin to look forward at what kind of recovery we want to see in Ontario as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes.

Children running outside in forest
Gina Marucci, in collaboration with the Outdoor Council of Canada, Child and Nature Alliance of Canada and Take Me Outside

To be a witness to the power of nature on a regular basis has made me a passionate advocate for all students’ right to equitable access to rich nature spaces in nearby neighbourhoods.

ETFO President Sam Hammond
Sam Hammond

I want to begin by thanking every ETFO member in the province. This school year has been and continues to be incredibly difficult.

Sharon O’Halloran
Sharon O’Halloran

March marks a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a year that has been incredibly stressful and difficult, especially for those who work on the front lines.

ETFO Editor Izida Zorde
Izida Zorde

The middle of March marks one year since the COVID-19 pandemic began. For Voice, it is a year that started by connecting the pandemic to both systemic equity issues and climate justice and one that ends by revisiting these questions with this spring issue.

clock and calendar
ETFO Voice

March 21 is the one-year anniversary of the ETFO tentative agreement. On that date, the final strike pay cheques will be issued to any members who are still missing strike pay.