Victoria Réaume
Victoria Réaume

ETFO is committed to working toward a more just and equitable society.

woman standing with children in classroom
Joanne Myers

ETFO’s more than 60,000 women members bring many important skills to leadership.

stock image of coffee mug on top of stack of folders
Joanne Myers

Report cards are an important way for teachers to communicate the strengths and needs of their students.

Graphic of copyright symbol with circuitry coming out of it

Changes to our country’s copyright laws in 2012 have established a clearer legal framework for digital technology and use of internet materials for learning purposes.

Teacher leaning over elementary student explaining paper in classroom
Tara Knarr

In my first years of working as a daily occasional teacher, I would sometimes walk out of a school at the end of the day with my head spinning.

teacher kneeling next to student sitting at desk while they read
Nancy Baldree

Talking into a different class each day as a daily occasional teacher can present its own unique challenges.

stock photo of car interior from perspective of driver with blue sky
Joanne Myers

It is time to “rev up” our engines for the fall. In preparation, it’s good to think about how to align your goals and balance your priorities with what lies ahead for you at school and in your life at home.

Stock photo of lawn chair on dock over lake with reflection in the water
Joanne Myers

Congratulations on a successful year as champion educator, sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, mentor, wife, partner, and friend.

photograph of open door at the end of a hallway lined with lockers
Valence Young

Recent events in Ontario and beyond have a lot of people thinking about lockdown procedures in their schools.