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Reflecting on Women's History of ETFO at ASWR

An excerpt from a panel discussion featuring four ETFO women trailblazers, originally recorded at this year’s …and still we rise conference.

Special Programs

Mandy Wojcik
Applying the Human Rights Code to advance women’s equality within ETFO.

Not the Mural of the Story

Jennifer Matsalla
Jennifer Matsalla reflects on working with Cree-Métis artist Rebecca Baird to create a school mural and incorporate Indigenous knowledge and community into her arts program.

ETFO's Mentor Coaching Program

Velvet Lacasse with Contributions from Charlotte Neckoway, Sajah Stiller and Kara Neufeglise
Velvet Lacasse writes about her involvement in ETFO’s Mentor Coaching women’s program and the impact these programs have on women’s leadership.

Representation in the "Great White North"

Colleen Elep and Chad Mills
Colleen Elep and Chad Mills consider why diverse representations of the outdoors matter and what educators can do to make sure they are inclusive of all their students.

Building in and with Community

Anti-Poverty Activist Paul Taylor talks about growing up under Mike Harris, political and systemic solutions to food insecurity and rejecting the charity model.

More Than a Page

Tina Zita
Tina Zita reflects on creating opportunities for her students to represent themselves.