Embracing Our Students for Who They Are

The pandemic has had an impact on all our lives but especially on children and their education.

Building Solidarity

Vickita Bhatt

Vickita Bhatt writes about responding to the Ford Conservative government by organizing with her colleagues, local parents and other community members.

Inspiring the Pursuit of Greatness

Allison Ebanks

Allison Ebanks considers strategies for empowering young women students in our classrooms and challenging the stereotypes that hinder them.

High-Rise Heroes

Ashleigh Doherty

Ashleigh Doherty writes about organizing with students and community members for housing equity.

Black Students and Their Families

Dawn Samuel

Dawn Samuel considers best practices for inclusion and engagement, focusing on promoting positive interactions with Black students and their families and acknowledging histories and experiences of systemic discrimination.

Nature-Based Education

Tanya Murray

Tanya Murray celebrates the growing cultural and educational movement toward nature-based education and inquiry as a way to create powerful learning experiences with and for our students.

Flamingo Rampant

Gordon Nore

Gordon Nore considers the importance of representing the diversity of our classrooms and communities in the literature we teach.

2019 Collective Bargaining

Valerie Dugale and Teresa Morrison

ETFO has a long history of advocating for and negotiating significant improvements to educator working conditions and student learning conditions. There’s no doubt that our collective efforts have helped make Ontario’s public education system one of the best in the world.