Books Available for Review

Voice is looking for reviewers for the following books. Click the book covers to learn more about the book. If you are interested in reviewing one of them please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. An ETFO Voice staff member will review your submission and respond as soon as possible.

Book cover of Coyote Tales
By Thomas King, Illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler. House of Anansi, 2017. 56 pages, $16.95.
Book cover for Dear Black Girls
By Shanice Nicole, Illustrated by Kezna Dalz. Metonymy Press, 2021. 32 pages, $17.95.
Book cover for Every Day is Malala Day
By Rosemary McCarney with Plan International. Second Story Press, 2014. 32 pages, $18.95.
Book cover of Kinza's World Magical Travel Adventures: Part 1: Kinza goes to Asia
By Rahel Tesfaledet, Illustrated by Emily Zieroth. Library and Archives Canada, 2021. 44 pages, $24.85.
Book Cover for Mel & Mo's Marvelous Balancing Act
By Nicola Winstanley, Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer, Annick Press, 2019. 32 pages, $21.95.
Book cover for Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress
By Christine Baldacchino, Illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant. Groundwood Books, 2014. 32 pages, $16.95.
Cover of Pierre & Paul: Dragon!
By Caroline Adderson and Alice Carter. Owl Kids, 2021. 32 pages, $18.95.
Book cover of Powerful Writing Structures
By Adrienne Gear. Pembroke Publishers, 2021. 198 pages, $24.95.
Cover of Saxophone Sits Alone
By Jay C. Peterson. Xlibris Corporation, 2021. 24 pages, $12.99.
Book cover for Skateboard Sibby
By Clare O’Connor. Second Story Press, 2019. 160 pages, $10.95.
Book cover for SkySisters
By Jan Bourdeau Waboose, Illustrated by Brian Deines. Kids Can Press, 2002. 32 pages, $8.95.
Book cover for Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle
By Cathy Ballou Mealey, Illustrated by Kelly Collier. Kids Can Press, 2021. 32 pages, $19.99.
Book cover for Slug Days
By Sara Leach, Illustrated by Rebecca Bender. Pajama Press, 2017. 120 pages, $18.76.
Book cover for Stand Like a Cedar
By Nicola I. Campbell, Illustrated by Carrielynn Victor. Portage and Main, 2021. 40 pages, $19.99.
Book cover for The Aquanaut
By Jill Heinerth, Illustrated by Jaime Kim. Penguin Random House Canada, 2021. 32 pages, $21.99.
Book cover of The Boreal Forest
By L. E. Carmichael, Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon. Kids Can Press, 2021. 48 pages, $19.99.
Book cover for The Ghost Collector
By Allison Mills. Annick Press, 2019. 200 pages, $18.95.
Book cover of The How and Wow of Teaching
By Kathy Paterson. Pembroke Publishers, 2019. 160 pages, $24.95.
Book cover for The King of Jam Sandwiches
By Eric Walters. Orca Book Publishers, 2020. 320 pages, $12.95.
Book cover of The Magic Beads
By Susin Nielsen-Fernlund, Illustrated by Geneviève Côté.
Book cover of The Sharing Circle
By Theresa "Corky" Larsen-Jonasson, Illustrated by Jessika Von Innerebner. Medicine Wheel Education, 2019. 38 pages, $16.99.
Book cover for The Snow Knows
By Jennifer McGrath, Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon. Nimbus Publishing, 2016. 32 pages, $22.95.
This is Your Brain on Steriotypes
By Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Illustrated by Drew Shannon. Kids Can Press, 2020. 88 pages, $17.99.
Book cover of We Dream Medicine Dreams
By Lisa Boivin. Portage and Main Press, 2021. 48 Pages, $21.95.

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