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Making Math Matter

Ryan Branoff

As an educator it has been my goal to captivate my students and engage them in their work However, engagement is not easy to come by when many students are uninterested in the subject matter that I am trying to teach.

Give Teachers the Time to Teach (From the President)

Sam Hammond

Over the  past several years there has been a significant increase in the number of literacy and numeracy initiatives that ETFO members are expected to implement. These initiatives come from the Ministry of Education, individual school boards, families of schools, or individual administrators.

Provincial Testing: Time for Change (OTF Report)

Rian McLaughlin

There is no question that one of the issues that creates unyielding solidarity among OTF and the  teacher  federations is  the political philosophy that  has developed around  large-scale  testing  in   Ontario’s public schools!  We  all  firmly  object  to  provincewide EQAO testing  and   the 

A Big Idea Comes to Life

Nicole Walter Rowan, Meghan Jewell

Over the past 20 years, methods of teaching mathematics have shifted, from keeping students busy with the rote learning of disconnected facts and procedures to teaching for automaticity and flexibility and for a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.