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The Lost Art of Play

Brenda Schepper

If adult learning is child’s play, then the teachers gathered on this cold Saturday morning in March understand what is meant by the expression “Playing is learning and learning is playing.”

Toys as Tools: Using E-Games for Learning

Jeffery MacCormack

My daughters were supposed to be doing their homework, but I heard too much giggling not to be suspicious. Homework is not supposed to be giggly. Then, from down the hallway, I heard snippets of the following conversation: “I used fences for teeth. Come see how it looks” … “Hold on a second.

Benin Big Book Project: Creating Books for Young Learners

Anne Rodrigue, Joan Littleford

During the summer of 2008 we were working in Benin, in partnership with Right To Play, the Benin Ministry of Education, and the Benin teacher union, SYNAEM, to develop and implement a new curriculum.

Your Federation: A Roundup of Federation News

  • ETFMembers who  are  innovating  with technology are taking part in a new professional  development program, Innoteach. At their first meeting, each member of the core group submitted  one  technology-based  curriculum document