Organizing for Election 2022

Aminah Sheikh

The only way for us to ensure a just and equitable recovery and the safety and wellbeing of our communities is to organize, mobilize and vote for the government we need.

CIVIX, Civics, and Student Engagement in Democracy

By Scott Montgomery

Getting students to become active agents of inquiry is not always something that comes to mind when the topic is politics. But it is never too soon to engage students in learning about Canadian political processes and the rights and responsibilities of voting.

Student Vote: Making Democracy a Habit

Mandi Hardy

June 2, 1997, was a memorable day for me. It was the date of Canada’s 36th general federal election and it was the first time I had ever voted. I haven’t missed an election since, although my enthusiasm is not reflective of most voters.

Fighting for Fairness: Teaching Proportional Representation

Cindy Spackman

The notion of what is fair resonates deeply with the students in my grade 7 class at Algonquin Avenue School in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Students clamour for fairness  in a wide range of situations. But what does “fair” mean? Why does “fair”  matter?

Student Vote

Johanna Brand

They were deeply involved in the federal election. They met the candidates. They researched party platforms and positions. They argued and debated.