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The Power of Collaborative Global Learning

Mali Bickley

Juliette, Kiera, and Michelle, 11-year-old students from Barrie, are online asking their new friend Rawa what it is like to live in Iraq. Michelle asks, “What is it like knowing that there is war so near to you?

Teaching With Technology: A Comic Life

Cindy Matthews

As a storytelling medium, comics have come of age in the last few decades. With an enduring history in North America as a venue for superhero quests, they have entertained many a young reader.

Arts Education and User Fees (CTF Report)

Winston Carter

From an early age, children naturally immerse themselves in drama, dance, music, the visual arts, literary arts, and the media: to play, to learn, to communicate, to celebrate, and to discover who they are.

Making the Case lor Arts Education

Jim Giles

Ontario politicians, through the Common Sense Revolution, are attempting to restructure and revise education and curriculum with the release of a so-called "more rigorous" curriculum.