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Your Federation: Spring 2024

ETFO Voice

Representative Council Feb. 2024

President Karen Brown welcomed delegates to February Representative Council. Acknowledging Black History Month, she said “We start another Black History Month in a moment where we face gains that have been rolled back.

Your Federation

President Hammond welcomed Representative Council members to their first meeting at ETFO’s new building. With the completion of the 2012 round of collective bargaining earlier in October, President Hammond thanked local presidents for their unwavering leadership over the past two years.

It's the Small Things that Matter Most

David Stocker

On June 14 2013, City View Alternative Senior School in Toronto's West End became the first grade 7 and 8 school in North America to proactively establish a multi stall all-gender washroom. This is the story of our six month journey.

Annual Meeting 2012 (Your Federation)

Close to 600 delegates attended the 2012 Annual Meeting in Toronto to debate and set policy directions for the upcoming year. In his opening address, President Hammond set the tone for the meeting by expressing the anger and betrayal that members are feeling in response to the Li

The Importance of Media Literacy

Pail Taillefer

Media exert a powerful influence on youth. The media messages kids absorb help to shape their perceptions of what is normal and important, cool and fun, or scary and unappealing. Teachers are enthusiastic about helping students become media savvy and they are open to new strategies, skills, and i