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Collective Bargaining

Right to Read Report

Jinah Kim and Tara Zwolinski
Jinah Kim and Tara Zwolinski unpack the details of the report.

Your Federation

ETFO Voice
ETFO’s spring Representative Council was held on May 17 and 18 at the ETFO Provincial office.

Understanding Your Benefits

Derek Hulse
Your collective agreement includes over a dozen pages of technical information about how the provincial benefits plan is funded and managed.

Our Victories Prove We Are Stronger When We Work Together

Sharon O'Halloran

With bargaining, public campaigns, government submissions, legal challenges, the return to in-person programs at the provincial office and all of the other work that ETFO does in service to our members, the fall has been an extremely busy time.

Back for a More "Typical" School Year

Sharon O’Halloran

Educators are at the heart of Ontario’s public education system and as you settle back into your classrooms for what everyone hopes will be a more typical year in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to start by saying thank you.