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French Language Teachers Need Support (CTF Report)

Emily Noble

The  Canadian  Teachers’  Federation  has  long advocated that students in elementary and secondary  schools  should have access to FSL programs  and  that  French  as  a  second  language teachers should be fully supported in their work.

FSL Advocacy: What you can do

Renée Meloche

FSL teachers in the Halton Teacher Local set up an ad hoc committee that began meeting two years ago. We will soon be submitting a resolution to the local to become a permanent FSL standing committee – our time has come.

French's Sad Lament

Renée Meloche

Imagine the scene as Madame Bonprof goes through her day: the gas tank in her car is full in anticipation of the drive to the two schools where she teaches core French; her plastic milk crate contains all of her materials – flashcards, CD player, CDs, a set of textbooks enough for half the class,