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ETFO at 10: We’re Not There Yet (From the General Secretary)

Gene Lewis

Many ETFO members have fond memories of the  Federation  of  Women  Teachers’ Associations  of  Ontario  (FWTAO)   and   the Ontario  Public  School  Teachers’  Federation (OPSTF),  the  two  organizations  that  came together in 1998 to create ETFO.

Celebrating Pride (Equity and Women's Services)

Kathleen Loftus

Many identify the Stonewall Riots as the beginning of political organization by the gay community in North America. In June 1969, the patrons of New York’s Stonewall Bar, several of them persons of colour, rose up to protest police harassment, arrests, and humiliation.

Part I of It's Elementary

Barbara Richter

This is the first of a four-part history of Ontario public elementary teachers and their federations. We will learn about ETFO and its predecessor organizations, the challenges they faced and the victories they achieved.