very young students showing recycling projects with green and white balloons in the foreground
Jason Johnston

Teachers and schools have a key role to play in our planet’s future. Environmental education is a key component for creating a generation of students who understand that each of us can powerfully affect the fate of the natural world, environmental systems and their sustainability.

etfo general secretary
Gene Lewis

Bill 115 is the legislation that was passed by the Liberal government to legislate ETFO collective agreements and those of other education unions.

etfo president sam hammond
Sam Hammond

Educators come to their profession as a calling. We do so because we believe we have something important to contribute to the children who will shape our society and build our future.

closeup of students working together on project
Holly Ogden

As an elementary teacher, I have witnessed first­ hand the value of an arts-rich education. Experiences in the arts offer many benefits to our students.