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Not the Mural of the Story

Jennifer Matsalla
Jennifer Matsalla reflects on working with Cree-Métis artist Rebecca Baird to create a school mural and incorporate Indigenous knowledge and community into her arts program.

More Than a Page

Tina Zita
Tina Zita reflects on creating opportunities for her students to represent themselves.

Building Cultural Agency

Neeru Sekhon

Neeru Sekhon writes about creating a community-focused cultural hub and the power of the arts to create opportunities for self-representation and reflection.

Art Dolls: Expressions of Artistic Equity and Diversity

Dawn Martens

What is a doll? If you were asked that question, visions of cherubic-faced porcelain dolls, G.I. Joe action figures or perhaps even the latest fad – Monster High dolls – would come to mind. What if someone asked you what an “art doll” was?  

Carnival in the Classroom

Michelle Reyes

To think that what began as a sign of my “happy place” and a reminder of the summer that was and of who I am now serves to stimulate curiosity among my primary students. It’s a sign that learning in this classroom will be given a fun and meaningful context.

ArtSmart: Using Art to Make Poetry Happen

Lisa Galvan

Two years ago Lisa Galvan and colleague Kevin Alles, members of the Greater Essex County Teacher Local, created a visual arts resource for Intermediate teachers in their board. This was made possible through a grant from the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP).

My Place Amongst Trees

Mary Spring

Muskoka is an ideal place for an outdoor classroom. Algonquin Park lies just beyond our small town and its trees tower over the back of our schoolyard.