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Making Math Matter

Ryan Branoff

As an educator it has been my goal to captivate my students and engage them in their work However, engagement is not easy to come by when many students are uninterested in the subject matter that I am trying to teach.

ArtSmart: Using Art to Make Poetry Happen

Lisa Galvan

Two years ago Lisa Galvan and colleague Kevin Alles, members of the Greater Essex County Teacher Local, created a visual arts resource for Intermediate teachers in their board. This was made possible through a grant from the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP).

Literacy in a Global, Digital Age

Johanna Brand

Joyce Public School is located in northwest Toronto, in an unprepossessing one-storey brick building. The Joyce school community, with a majority of immigrant families, is multicultural and multilingual. Many families have low incomes.

Taking a Walk on the "Real" Side

Jeff McMillan and Rich Tamblyn

As intermediate teachers, one of our major concerns is motivating our students. How can we engage our students in meaningful learning experiences and, at the same time, create a lifelong love for learning?

Spelling: Connecting the Pieces

Ruth McQuirter Scott, Ed.D.

How can teachers provide the necessary support for all students so that they can experience success as spellers? The following suggestions provide a framework that you can adapt to your grade and classroom.

The Performing Folk Arts and the Elementary Curriculum

Julie Stone

Creative thinking is afundamental skill necessary for our survival on this planet. The performing folk arts in education can nurture this essential skill. At this point in time there has never been a more urgent need for an approach to education that prepares children to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.