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Write to Give

Amy McLaren

In 2010, I started a program called Write To Give. I wanted to help others in the developing world but I also wanted to do something different in my Grade 1 classroom.  Something fun.  Something the kids would really connect with.

For years I did a variety of things in my class to raise money for various causes.  Things like “hat days” or  “candy o’grams” or “gum days.”  They were all fun and raised some money.  But I never really felt they had a significant impact on my students.  The “meaning” or “cause” always seemed to get lost in the excitement of eating candy or wearing a hat.  So I was determined to find a solution.  


Refugee Resettlement in Ontario

Catherine Inglis

I like to think that many of my students’ experiences are reflective of other immigrant and refugee student experiences.

Welcoming Syrian Refugees

Shannon Gamble

Four years of war in Syria have driven millions of people out of the country, seeking refuge anywhere possible.

Project Overseas

Deirdre Buckley-McKie

Project Overseas. These words hung in the back of my mind for almost a decade. At the Thanksgiving table in 2007, I explained to my family how PO, as it is affectionately called, sends Canadian teachers to work internationally to deliver in-service to untrained and undertrained teachers.

Write to Give

Amy Dow McLaren

In the tiny community of Jarvis, Ontario, children from the grade 1 class of Jarvis Public School huddle in small groups to discuss a story they are creating together.

Your Federation

President Sam Hammond opened the 2013 annual meeting by reflecting on ETFO’s important achievements.

Reporting Back: UN Commisson on the Status of Women in 2013

Marilies Rettig

Every year, during the first two weeks of March, representatives from countries around the world gather at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to participate in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The CSW addresses different themes each year, examining the progress made on achieving gender equity and other policies that advance the fundamental rights of women and girls around the world.

Your Federation

President Sam Hammond updated members of the Representative Council on the state of talks with the Wynne government. Thanking members for their contributions and hard work over the past year, he noted that the tone of discussions continues to be positive and that ETFO is working hard with the government to come to a concrete resolution.