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Kathleen Wynne

Looking Forward (From the General Secretary)

Victoria Réaume

ETFO has done a great deal in the past couple of years to fight for our  collective  bargaining  rights and the democratic rights of all Ontarians. I  have  been  inspired and awed as I’ve watched ETFO members respond to unfair and undemocratic government initiatives with strength, commitment, and dedication.

Your Federation

President Sam Hammond updated members of the Representative Council on the state of talks with the Wynne government. Thanking members for their contributions and hard work over the past year, he noted that the tone of discussions continues to be positive and that ETFO is working hard with the government to come to a concrete resolution.

ETFO Wins Concrete Gains (From the General Secretary)

Gene Lewis
The past year of negotiations has been challenging for ETFO members, but through solidarity and collective action ETFO has consistently shown that we are united in our commitment to democracy and the protection of our members.

Upholding Our Rights (From the General Secretary)

Gene Lewis

For educators, the decision to participate in extracurricular activities has always been voluntary. Teachers choose to  participate because  they  are  passionate about their students and are committed to creating positive and healthy learning environments.

The Way Forward: Putting Words into Action

Sam Hammond

The past year of negotiations has been a difficult one, but ETFO members have continued to stand strong and, through their solidarity, demonstrate that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Grading the Liberal Government’s Education Agenda (Queen's Park Update)

Vivian McCaffrey

The Liberal  government has  passed  the halfway  mark of its second term. With less than two years before the  next provincial election,  will   its  record  allow  Premier Dalton McGuinty to retain his “Education Premier” moniker and secure re-election for a third term?