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Why Music Is Essential in Elementary Schools

Joshua Ball

Research shows that students’ critical thinking and creativity increase through exposure to music. Research also suggests that the mathematical abilities of children who participate in music lessons may be increased through the study of music. Yet funds are often lacking for strong music programs in Ontario schools.

Churchill School of Rock

Ray Kalynuk

This spring the students of Churchill Alternative School, in Ottawa, Ontario, will be marking a major milestone, as will the school staff and community.

Guys Sing

Tanya Rutledge

Guys Sing and Cooking For Life (p. 19) are two projects that received grants from Imagineaction, a program that promotes interaction between students and teachers and their communities.

Our School Drum: Building Community and Relationships

Jenny Pert, Melissa Ewanchuck, Michael Boos

Back at school Jenny presented the idea of creating a school drum to the school staff. The timing could not have been better. ETFO had selected Sioux Mountain Public School to participate in the “Danny Schools” project. It provided funds and teacher release time to help schools develop and implement strategies to strengthen relationships in the school community and ultimately improve student learning.

Mozart for the iPod Generation (Arts in the Classroom)

Andrea Hertach

Feet shuffling to the beat, fingers snapping, tunes cranking – our students reluctantly stuff their iPods in their pockets as they enter our classrooms. Music is a passion for them: pop, rock, hip hop, and rap. They love the rhythms.