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From the Editor

Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice is our Environment issue, focussed on teaching climate justice, environmental stewardship and equity.

Building in and with Community

Anti-Poverty Activist Paul Taylor talks about growing up under Mike Harris, political and systemic solutions to food insecurity and rejecting the charity model.

Addressing Poverty in Elementary Schools

Megan Perry

ETFO podcast Elementary: A Podcast from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario addresses issues of importance for ETFO members. Many teachers and education workers are faced with issues of poverty in their classrooms.

Canada Is Overdue on Promise to End Child Poverty

Anita Khanna

Twenty-five years have passed since Canada made a commitment to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. The commitment was aimed at Canada’s children, but we all stood to benefit. On November 24, 1989 all parties in the House of Commons unanimously passed this all-important resolution.

Building Community, Building Success

Rosemary Renton, Jim Giles

Late last spring, our principal announced to the staff that we were going to offer a free field trip to every student in our school. She told teachers to plan a one-day, curriculum-related field trip, anywhere we wanted.

Nutrition for School Learning

Jim Giles

Did you know that 148,000 school-age children live with chronic hunger in Ontario and 5,900 children in northern Ontario use food banks?

Cooking for Life

Sandra Walker

Our school, Queen Elizabeth P.S., is located in a low-income community. A number of our grade 8 students come to school without lunch, or they bring packaged convenience foods – less healthy choices.