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We explore why professional judgement is enshrined in the Teacher/Occasional Teacher collective agreement and why ETFO will fight to keep it there.
Amrita Kaul writes about the ways in which chronic underfunding of public schools and large classes have stretched Special Education resources.


Karen Brown
During its second term, the Ford government has intensified its efforts to undermine the public good.
Sharon O'Halloran
We know that high-quality, equitable and inclusive public schools are key to increasing equity in Ontario. Together, we will continue to fight to make our vision for public education a reality.
Izida Zorde
The spring issue of Voice is our environment issue, an opportunity to consider best practices for engaging students on environmental justice and environmental solutions.


By Rashmee Karnad-Jani

Rashmee Karnad-Jani explains how mothers and teachers can work together for equitable educational outcomes for the students in their care.

By ETFO Voice
Voice in conversation with psychologist Dr. Natasha Williams.
By Allison Ebanks

Allison Ebanks considers strategies for empowering young women students in our classrooms and challenging the stereotypes that hinder them.