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Colleen Elep considers the need to change the narrative towards an asset-based perspective of multilingual learners.
Close to 700 ETFO delegates attended the 2023 Annual Meeting between August 14 and 17, 2023, setting policies and directions for the coming year.


Karen Brown
With another school year about to begin as I write this, I want to start by saying thank you.
Sharon O'Halloran
This year, ETFO celebrates our 25th anniversary, an important milestone for our organization and an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the tremendous work we have done to support educators.
Izida Zorde

The fall issue of Voice is delivered as educators work to get themselves and their students settled into the routines of a new school year.


By Chad Mills
Chad Mills reflects on why public schools need more Black educators.
By Gordon Nore

For most of my 21 years as an elementary educator, I’ve worked as a teacher-librarian. One of the delights of my role is selecting new materials to share with colleagues and students. One of the challenges is finding books that reflect the diversity of the children I teach and their families.

By Amrita Kaul
Amrita Kaul writes about the ways in which chronic underfunding of public schools and large classes have stretched Special Education resources.