You won’t be able to take away the pandemic-related stressors your students feel, but Gail Lalonde outlines ways you may be able to help reduce their impact.
Anika Guthrie reflects on systemic discrimination and anti-Indigenous racism and how these issues are highlighted in her community of Thunder Bay.


Karen Brown
There is no doubt that education workers have struggled as a result of the systemic underfunding of public education. Ontario’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic turned difficult classroom realities, such as large class sizes, insufficient supports for students, and poor air quality and ventilation, into a dangerous crisis.
Sharon O'Halloran
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated concerns about large class sizes, the physical condition of schools and the government’s failure to provide appropriate funding to meet the needs of all students, particularly students with special education needs and those from marginalized communities.
Izida Zorde
The spring issue of Voice is focussed on moving forward and organizing together for the change we want to see. The pandemic has been incredibly difficult for educators and other frontline workers and we all look forward to finally moving beyond it and rebuilding towards a future that centres equity and investment in public education, public services and communities.


By James Taylor
James Taylor emphasizes the need to organize for the next provincial election.
By ETFO Voice
Voice in conversation with psychologist Dr. Natasha Williams.
By Cindy Gangaram
Cindy Gangaram reflects on all the reasons to get involved in the June 2022 provincial election.