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Spring Representative Council, May 1-2, 2013 

President Sam  Hammond updated members of the Representative Council on the state of talks with the Wynne government. Thanking members for their contributions and hard work over the past year, he noted that the tone of discussions continues to be positive and that ETFO is working hard with the government to come to a concrete resolution. He also assured the Representative Council that any decision would be taken to an all member vote. Stay tuned to for the most up to date information.

Special guest  Trish Hennessy, Director of  the Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario Office, gave a presentation titled “The Case Against Austerity,” which considered the many reasons why the austerity agenda does not work. Honoré Théodore Ahimakin, Ambassador of Benin; Joan  Littleford, former ETFO  staff  member  and  consultant on early childhood  education; and Nina Valentic,  Senior  Director,  International  Programs, Right To Play International, spoke about  ETFO’s  important  contribution  to educating  children   internationally.   The ambassador gave a heartfelt  thank you for the  tremendous  contribution  ETFO  has made in Benin.

National Aboriginal Day, June 21 2013
June 21 is National Aboriginal Day. This date was chosen because it corresponds to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and because for generations, many Aboriginal groups have celebrated their culture and heritage at this time of year. ETFO is a long-time ally of First Nations communities. We are proud to support the Lieutenant Governor’s Summer Literacy Camps in remote and northern communities, to sponsor the Right To Play Leadership Program and to support Shannon’s Dream and the community of Attawapiskat. Learn more at

Pride 2013
Pride events  are being held  across the province  between the months of June and September. There are more  than  20  different events celebrating Pride in Ontario.
Go to   for more  information about  participating or contact Adam  Peer, ETFO Equity and Women’s Services:



General Secretary Sharon O’Halloran

As we worked on this women’s issue of Voice, I thought a lot about the importance of narrative, the stories we tell about ourselves and our social movements.