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Looking Back with Pride

Sharon O’Halloran

ETFO’s 20th anniversary is an opportunity to look back on our remarkable legacy as an organization. Since our formation in 1998, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of our members and our students and made important gains for our members through collective bargaining.

Imagining Our Sustainable Community

Cynthia Roulston
Cynthia Roulston invites her students to consider what type of development would have the greatest positive environmental and social impacts on their gentrifying community.

Embracing Pluralism

Shamim Murji
Shamim Murji reflects on how an anti-racist and anti-Islamophobia curriculum can create an inclusive classroom.

Back in Time is Not an Option

Erika Shaker

Erika Shaker describes a conversation she had with Grade 7 students about the critical importance of the 2015 health curriculum, its impact on the students’ daily lives and what it means to go back in time to 1998.

The Stories We Teach

Velvet Lacasse

For the last eight years, I have been developing social justice curriculum for kindergarten-Grade 6 students at The Grove Community School.

Go for Green!

Jodie Howcroft

Go for Green is a bi-annual event at Millgrove School that proves a small school can accomplish big things.

Using Digital Technologies to Support Literacy Instruction Across the Curriculum

Clare Brett

While the Internet is now the number one information source for both children and adults, research is showing that online reading differs significantly from print-based reading. In fact, learning how to obtain sound, relevant information from online sources requires specific kinds of practice and experience, and there is little evidence that schools are currently providing this experience.

Beacon for Education Reform

Vivian McCaffrey

For the last decade, Finland’s success on inter­national tests has caught the attention of educa­tion policymakers around the world. What is it about this small Nordic nation that has led to its students’ high performance in science, math, and reading assessments?