Autumn Peltier holding bowl near waterfall

Our feature interview with Autumn Peltier calls on all Ontarians, including children, to become advocates for the environment and protectors of water.

As a primary teacher and former literacy  teacher on special assignment, I know the impor

Throughout the early 1800s the government attempted to establish publicly funded education in Upper Canada but made only marginal inroads.

Young students sitting on carpet in classroom

In the next few pages you will find stories written by ETFO members who are using the arts

Literacy has become a priority in Ontario schools: uninterrupted literacy blocks

This is the first of a four-part history of Ontario public elementary teachers and their federations. We will learn about ETFO and its predecessor organizations, the challenges they faced and the victories they achieved.

teacher working one on one with student on paper

Would Boys do Better in School if More of Their Teachers Were Men?

The 2006 ETFO Annual Meeting was the first without elections.

children dancing and playing in classroom

It’s spring and the playground at Chatham’s Queen Elizabeth II School is alive with the steady beat of jump ropes slapping the asphalt and the sounds of kids repeating age-old chants: “One potato, two potato, three potato, four…”

teacher standing in front of classroom while children are working

“Those young people just don’t understand what we fought to achieve.”