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Sangeeta McAuley emphasizes the importance of creating community and ensuring representation by introducing Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy (CRRP) early and continuing to ensure it is part of the curriculum we teach.

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The “ideal” environment for teaching about living things and the environment is one in which student interest is piqued and remains that way, rich resources are at hand, and both the required time and teacher expertise are available.

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Every year students and staff look forward to watching the atrium at Alma School come alive with green as several varieties of trees sprout from seeds planted by students.

With a provincial election scheduled for October 2007, ETFO members across Ontari

As a classroom teacher, I was encouraged to use the “before-during-after” model in planni

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This activity was born out of our desire – the Grade 4 teacher and mine– to create a partnership that will blend drama and research skills, writing skills and a love of literature, art appreciation and their social studies unit on medieval times.

As a primary teacher and former literacy  teacher on special assignment, I know the impor

Throughout the early 1800s the government attempted to establish publicly funded education in Upper Canada but made only marginal inroads.

Literacy has become a priority in Ontario schools: uninterrupted literacy blocks