Autumn Peltier holding bowl near waterfall

Our feature interview with Autumn Peltier calls on all Ontarians, including children, to become advocates for the environment and protectors of water.

This issue of Voice is about the changing nature of  professional  learning

The new Act boosted federation membership: overnight FWTAO membership jumped to 12,500 from 5,3001 and that of OPSMTF to 3,400 from about 1,6002 members.

Teachers and students in winter clothing posing next to bus

Every year I take my grade 6 class to my childhood playground – not the metal monkey bars

Beginning at a very early age,  children demonstrate an innate curiosity about and love f

Every year  students  and  staff  look  forward  to watching the atrium at Alma School co

With a provincial election scheduled for October 2007, ETFO members across Ontari

As a classroom teacher, I was encouraged to use the “before-during-after” model in planni

Young students sitting on carpet in classroom

Using story drama to link language and literacy, social studies, and drama

As a primary teacher and former literacy  teacher on special assignment, I know the impor