Hilda Watkins

My first year as OTF table officer has been both rewarding and challenging.

André Charlebois

La rentrée scolaire est un moment palpitant pour la communauté, tant pour les élèves, pour les enseignantes et enseignants que pour les par

Kanwer Singh and Allina Lee

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and our education system should be a model of how society should embrace our differ

Krista Swanson

Last October the Grand Erie Elementary Teacher Local executive decided to restructure the organization. We met with staff from provincial o

Joan Littleford

This fall, like every fall, a new group of three- and four-year-old  children across the province experienced their first day in elementary

Christine Brown

To “progress” means to move for ward, and we like to think of technological progress as exactly that.

Dave Kendall

Before beginning to negotiate the 2004-2008 teacher collective agreements, ETFO entered into discussions about establishing a provincial fr

Gene Lewis

ETFO has been evolving since 1998, when its  two  predecessor  organizations joined to form one organization.

Emily Noble

ETFO exists to serve you – our members. We work to make a difference in the lives of  Ontario’s teachers, education workers, and students.