André Charlebois

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Teachers sitting together brainstorming
Carol Zavitz

Eliminating violence against women has always been one strong focus of ETFO’s advocacy work.

Christine Brown

Universal design (UD), sometimes called barrier-free design, is the notion that the built environment should be accessible to ever yone – y

Derek Hulse

To hear some school administrators tell it, there is no more dangerous place on earth than the yard of their local school.

Barbara Burkett

On August 17, 2005, the delegates to the ETFO annual meeting elected their provincial executive for the 2005–2007 term and my life

Sam Hammond

Leadership opportunities exist at every turn.

Karen Chow

The ETFO protective services mentorship program has provided me with an incredible insight into the broader scope of the work of the Federa

Vitusha Oberoi

Classroom noise, chit chat with superiors, students working in groups – these are among the challenges that teachers from other countries f

Gene Lewis

Throughout the 1990s – particularly during the Harris-Eves years of  government – we were forced as a federation to spend our energies on t