Karen Chow

The ETFO protective services mentorship program has provided me with an incredible insight into the broader scope of the work of the Federa

Vitusha Oberoi

Classroom noise, chit chat with superiors, students working in groups – these are among the challenges that teachers from other countries f

Gene Lewis

Throughout the 1990s – particularly during the Harris-Eves years of  government – we were forced as a federation to spend our energies on t

Emily Noble

Our education minister Sandra Pupatello is someone I’ve had the honour of working with in the past.

Dave Kendall

This round of bargaining has definitely created a new era for our occasional teacher locals.

Winston Carter

The election of a new federal government has opened the door to both challenges and opportunities for the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CT

Hilda Watkins

Universally accessible, quality, publicly funded education is the fabric of democracy and the cornerstone of a just society. Nevertheless,

André Charlebois

« Il était une fois, dans la classe de français de monsieur Demers, un groupe d’élèves qui décida d’aller faire une visite à l’arca

woman passionately speaking at podium
Jo-Ann Mathon

As a teacher of three years and a current participant in ETFO’s Leaders for Tomorrow program, I am truly impressed with the opportunity I have to gain new insight to the issues that we, as women, face and the progress we have made.