Mary Morison

In Ontario women are “in the red” because on average they earn 28% less than men, for work of equal value. I know it’s hard to believe in 2013 but it’s a fact, and the gap is even bigger for racialized women, women with disabilities and Aboriginal women.

John Whitman

** this article follows up on John Whitman's ori

Paul Taillefer, President of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation
Kathleen Wynn
Vivian McCaffrey

Kathleen Wynne comes to her new position as Liberal leader and Ontario premier with a strong background in education and grassroots politic

Two female Canadian teachers standing with female President of Guyana Teacher's Union (GTU)
Maxine Richards

Excited, energized, eager, overjoyed, ecstatic, anxious, nervous, and curious are some of the adjectives that come to mind when I received