People of different abilities performing a dance piece
Donna Howey

On December 3rd, we mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. We’ve come a long way but people with disabilities still face barriers to inclusion in the workplace, in schools and in our society. Many aspects of disability result directly from the barriers presented by the design of our society rather than being reflective of the ability of an individual to contribute to society.  

ETFO We Are All Treaty People Logo
Rachel Mishenene and Valerie Dugale

Understanding treaties is part of our collective journey in learning about our nation’s history and our obligations to the treaty agreements that were made in written and oral forms. You can explore this issue as part of your classroom teachings by accessing a host of treaty classroom resources, videos, history and facts and modern day treaties compiled by ETFO here

ETFO President Sam Hammond
Sam Hammond

While austerity and precarious work are increasingly common in the province, we are presently in a moment of opportunity.

ETFO General Secretary Sharon O'Halloran
Sharon O’Halloran

ETFO has done a great deal in the past couple of years to fight for our collective bargaining rights and the democratic rights of all Ontarians.

ETFO Editor Izida Zorde
Izida Zorde

In this issue of Voice, we tackle the question of austerity.

Woman speaking at podium
Kelly Hayes

Many unions produce materials for women members. Few do as much as ETFO. As a result, ETFO’s women’s programs are recognized internationally.

ETFO president Sam Hammond
Sam Hammond

On Wednesday April 20, the Superior Court of Justice released an historic decision.

Victoria Réaume
Victoria Réaume

ETFO is committed to working toward a more just and equitable society.

woman standing with children in classroom
Joanne Myers

ETFO’s more than 60,000 women members bring many important skills to leadership.