Dianne Woloschuk, CTF President

A little over a month ago, the media began to report the kidnapping during the night of more than 200 girls from their school in Nigeria, w

Woman shaking man's hand
Joanne Myers

These are challenging and competitive times for teachers who are trying to get onto an occasional teaching list, or interviewing for long-term occasional or permanent contracts.

Victoria Réaume

In the context of the current political climate, finding ways to work across our differences is more important than ever.

ETFO president Sam Hammond
Sam Hammond

In January, Oxfam, a worldwide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty, sent out a press release indicating that 85 of the world’s richest people are as wealthy as the poorest half of the world.

Photo of young students with hands up
Dianne Woloschuk

In recent years, the question “What does quality education look like?” has prompted a number of markedly varying responses.

Carl James

Commenting on his experience in trying to engage his “high-energy and at-risk” grade 6 students, a young male teacher noted:

ETFO General Secretary Victoria Réaume
Victoria Réaume

The  fall  has  been  a  busy  time at  ETFO  provincial  office.

ETFO president Sam Hammond
Sam Hammond

Free and  fair  collective bargaining is at the heart of what we do as a union.

ETFO General Secretary Victoria Réuame
Victoria Réaume

ETFO has done a great deal in the past couple of years to fight for our  collective  bargaining  rights and the democratic rights of all Ontarians. I  have  been  inspired and awed as I’ve watched ETFO members respond to unfair and undemocratic government initiatives with strength, commitment, and dedication.