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Federico Carvajal reflects on the Ford government’s flawed plan for school reopening in September.

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In October 2003, more than 850 Ontario schools, or 330,000 students, participated in International Walk to School Day. They joined thousands of schools in 29 other countries around the world 'blazing trails in the urban jungle.'


Looking back, I realize my teaching career was blessed by a unique and wonderful combination of factors; so in February 2003, when I decided to retire the following June, I surprised even myself with my quick decision. After 34 years of teaching, I still felt alive and vital.

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How can teachers provide the necessary support for all students so that they can experience success as spellers? The following suggestions provide a framework that you can adapt to your grade and classroom.

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On seven women were: detained by police in Guelph, allegedly for breaching the public peace. The women had been participating in a protest organized by local teachers against the education policies of the Mike Harris government.

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Data from the ontario teachers' pension plan indicates that 18 percent of new teachers are at risk of leaving the profession.

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By now you will probably have seen ETFO’s billboards, listened to our radio advertisements, or heard about the upcoming negotiations. For public elementary teachers, “200 minutes” is about to become a very familiar phrase.

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When you say Occupational Health and Safety to education workers, they start talking about what they do to keep their students safe. The focus on students is admirable, but it misses the point. Occupational Health and Safety is about workers.

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La classe de fran^ais langue seconde est un milieu rempli de vitalite, de joie, de connaissances, de culture et de besoins differents. Chaque eleve y arrive avec un bagage d'experiences qui refletent sa famille et son milieu social.

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Combien de fois devonsnous dire a nos eleves de français langue se co nde de parler Français? Chaque enseignant et enseignante de français langue se co nde p ossèd ent plus d'un tru c dans sa mallette afin de rappeler aux élèves que dans la classe de français , on parle ... français .