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Cindy Gangaram reflects on all the reasons to get involved in the June 2022 provincial election.

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Spelling is one topic that never seems to leave the educational scene. Our attitudes toward the teaching of spelling shift back and forth depending on the prevailing educational philosophy of the day. As a result, there has been very little consistency in our instructional practices related to spelling.

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Le travail en groupes dans la classe de fran cais langue seconde est une stratégie qui permet aux eleves de mettre en pratique le but premier de I'app ren tissa ge d'une langue : la comm un icatio . Tout comme le jeune enfant qui apprend chez a parler, la comm un ication orale est evidemment ce qui prime. Viennent ensuite les autres formes de commun ication sous la forme de lecture et d'écriture.

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For years, as an anti-racist educator, I have been teaching my students alternative views

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Two years ago, I became aware of an organization in the US named "Kids Voting USA." The operation aimed to build a habit of electoral participation among youth under the voting age in preparation for the time when they can vote. I was startled by the results. In some areas, student participation drove adult voting rates upwards of seven percent. Schools partnered with community newspapers, teachers invited community leaders into the classroom, and students became engaged.

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The growing North American emphasis on standards and accountability has led many jurisdictions to rely on externally developed measures like standardized tests as the sole measure of student learning and school effectiveness.

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Making Math Happen in the Junior Years, a new release from ETFO, provides teachers with a vast array of ideas to incorporate into their math program. It is the second in ETFO's Making Math Happen series. In this issue of Voice, Jennifer Paziuk, one of the lead authors, describes the importance of communication in a successful math program. An excerpt from the curriculum provides further ideas.

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Last April Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the government's intent to provide an intensive focus on the development of literacy and numeracy skills for Ontario students. This focus called for the appointment of specially trained lead teachers in literacy and numeracy in the primary and junior divisions of every school in Ontario.

Aboriginal Women in Education Award - Women's Program

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In October 2003, more than 850 Ontario schools, or 330,000 students, participated in International Walk to School Day. They joined thousands of schools in 29 other countries around the world 'blazing trails in the urban jungle.'