Tara Zwolinski on the problems inherent in the EQAO and its negative impacts on students and educators.

FSL Advocacy: What you can do

Renée Meloche

FSL teachers in the Halton Teacher Local set up an ad hoc committee that began meeting two years ago. We will soon be submitting a resolution to the local to become a permanent FSL standing committee – our time has come.

French's Sad Lament

Renée Meloche

Imagine the scene as Madame Bonprof goes through her day: the gas tank in her car is full in anticipation of the drive to the two schools where she teaches core French; her plastic milk crate contains all of her materials – flashcards, CD player, CDs, a set of textbooks enough for half the class,

Ben's Journey: The Making of a Rising Star

Susan Belluz

Ben arrived in September with a huge grin on his face. He was ready for grade 1! Ben was articulate and knowledgeable, an engaged learner. December rolled around and Ben had acquired a few sight words. He wanted to read, was excited to read, yet had along way to go.

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Joanne Myers

Last year, during a panel discussion at an ETFO provincial conference, a colleague, Jason Johnston, said this about the Chicago Fire Department: “It spends approximately 80 percent of its entire budget each year on fire prevention.

Learning to Play, Playing to learn

Allen Affleck

Right To Play has created a new curriculum called Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, which combines playing, learning, and laughing to make Canadian children active, build character, and create engaged global citizens. The resource is available on the website righttoplay.com.

The Grade 6 Heritage Project

Shawntelle Nesbit

As an anthropology graduate I have always enjoyed learning not only about other cultures but about my own as well. I was keenly interested in finding a way to pass that curiosity on to my own students in a way that engaged them in significant discussions about racism, tolerance, and identity.